Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A very cold night meant that we both had to come up with our own ways to stay warm and stop the condensation drips on our heads.
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We finished the weekend with a pic nic in the sun.
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Sunday was much better, the wind had gone down quite a lot, and there was bright sunshine.

We went out into the solent for a bit of a sail in the open sea. Posted by Picasa

Sailing with Dan on Saturday. It was very windy and we stayed in Portsmouth harbour.

The weather was still rough in the evening, and it was a bumpy night until the early hours when it calmed down a bit. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You might wonder why they shook their heads...

Where's the question mark!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The sound of rain can be so relaxing...


plic plic plic.

ploc ploc ploc. plic?



brwaaaaaaaaammmmm plouf plouf plic ploc plouf splash splash plic ploc plouf plouf rain rain plouf plouf splash splash plic ploc ploc plic plouf plouf swwwwffffffsch(freezing wind) plouf splash ploc plouf splash splash plic ploc plouf plouf splashschschschwwwwwwwwwooooooooo plouf plouf splash splash...


The English seaside? Fun. Really.

Nevertheless we have finished anti-fouling the hull in time for the launch. Never mind that this involved some dodgy skirt for the boat, a mid-week trip to the South and some nocturnal creative fishing à la kinder-garden. It was done - in time - and was a total success! The delirious crowd that had gathered at the boatyard for the Debonair Launch was screeching in exaltation, several young women threw flowers and underwear at Tom, men begged him to let them have his used brushes or to mention their names in the log, one even tried to sell him his children. Newspapers published photographs of the boat, battled for the rights to exclusive interviews, art critics luoaved the hull design and we are in competition for the Turner prize. It was a glorious return to the sea.

PS: I didn't mention the yard manager who asked us why we had only painted one side, or the rigger whose polite smile was betrayed by the smug looks of his two colleaged who kept shaking their heads... i have to admit (because otherwise no one would have figured out) that those are the only people i didn't invent...